Prairie Dawgs 


She is a very sweet and stunning dog who always sticks close by!  She is a bit timid and shy to meet new people at first, but then loves to get pats and snuggles.  Two of her favourite positions are the "foot sit" and getting a tummy rub.  She is an excellent and gentle dog who is very sensitive and really wants to please. She is very fast and athletic and we have been practicing agility, and out daughter is training her to compete in agility and they have a great relationship.  Our daughter enjoys that Mercy gets to sleep in her room with her!

Mercy was born in September 2018.

We fell in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog because of their beauty, desire to cuddle, and their loyal, and easy-going temperament. Mercy is our first Bernese and because of her we found a breed we really love.

Mercy's parents:

Mercy's mom

Mercy's dad